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The Preparations Ongoing.

12 February 2018

BB and I have landed well in Seattle. The house we’re renting is fabulous, and our landlord seems reasonably cool. We have begun our unpacking, and are probably about halfway through it. I got the TV and stereo up and running and the meditation room is already settled. Our bedroom has a bed and a chair that isn’t put back together. The piano is functional but in bad need of a good tuning. The kitchen works and we’ve been cooking.

I found a couple of AA meetings. A Saturday morning 7am, and a Thursday evening men’s meeting. I like them both so far but I’m not sure about the spacing. I may need to switch to another men’s meeting if I can, simply to get myself on a schedule that works for me. Also, the one I’ve found is 90 minutes, and that’s a long time. I like 1 hour meetings.

But I can already feel a positive change. In Philadelphia, I didn’t like the feel of the formats much. I liked my men’s meeting, but other meetings just never quite felt right to me. And so I didn’t attend them. And also, splitting weekends with BB in DC made consistency and relationship management difficult. So I never got into a groove with my meeting schedule that felt natural and good.

Now I have the opportunity to go twice a week again without my relationship suffering or feeling like I was devoting so much time to meetings that I was neglecting my other duties and interests. That feeling is a luxury of long-term sobriety. Early on, we don’t really have any other duties. We can’t afford them. But as we grow, we can take on more things, and some of us feel comfortable reducing our meeting schedules a bit. In my case, it happened naturally, rather than as a conscious decision. Now, I want a few more again.

I’ve also found a gym, and we’ve been running again. Seattle hills mean it. I live up the hill from Lake Union, towards Greenlake, and that’s a small hill in Seattle reckoning. But for me? It’s a major ascent. Just 250 feet in three quarters of a mile, but that’s a long, slow, challenging climb for me. I’ll have to work it out to get fitter. I’m up for it, no question. But it’s going to take some time for me to get back into the swing of fitness.

So, I have two more weeks until work starts. I feel like I want to go back to work now, which means that the two weeks left is a good idea for me to feel truly rested, relaxed, and ready to return. I’m excited and nervous. But I feel good about where I am.

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  1. Aimee permalink
    12 February 2018 13:06

    I remember the very first time i was able to ride a bike from Alaska Avenue (getting off the ferry dock) to the tip-top of Jackson – that’s Jackson and 25th, about – without getting off to walk it. 25 steep, steep blocks. Wen I lived on twelfth and Marion, it was about ten blocks steeply uphill, but I used to “cheat” by ducking into the skyscrapers between 3rd and 6th and taking escalators.

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