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A Good Training Week.

16 April 2018

This week was definitely a step in the right direction. After two months (December and January) where I did essentially nothing, I was not in a good place, fitness-wise. I’d put on about 10 pounds, and found running even 3.5 miles at a 12 minute pace to be incredibly challenging. Painful, and exhausting. I was concerned that my fitness had fallen to the point that getting back to major racing distance would be a very long and difficult project indeed.

And I have been working very hard. Running four times a week, this week I made it up above 30 miles. I ran a fast 10km on Tuesday, turning in a 56:24. Fastest in a couple of years, I think. Then I did a hill run Thursday up and over Phinney Ridge, which anyone from Seattle will find impressive. That was good for about five miles. The weekend was a ten mile loop of Lake Union with a side-jaunt over Queen Anne Hill. Another of Seattle’s famous bastards. And then a trail run up to Wallace Lake in Snohomish County.


I truly love the Pacific Northwest. It’s unlike anything else anywhere. The beauty and climate and culture and everything. It’s home, and it’s like living in my favorite destination city.

Other than Tuesday, my paces were on the unremarkable-to-slow side. But I also got a total of about 3900 feet of elevation gain in. It’s all about building. It’s slow and it’s a lot of work and a lot of time (my runs this week took a total of about six hours). I also did two hours at the gym, but less time on my bike due to the rain. This week should be better for that.

It’s still a long time until my big goal race in late October. But I’m getting myself to where I need to be.

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