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A Few Trail Pictures.

4 May 2018

Our trail running has been wonderful the past few weekends. The views cannot be captured in pictures, but I’ve tried anyway. The last few weeks have taken us to Wallace Lake, Rattlesnake Ridge, and Poo Poo Point. The views around the Pacific Northwest mountains are staggering, and we’ve only just touched the low and close places. As summer wears on, we’ll be able to get to more remote places and see more amazing things in deeper wilderness.

Here are some panoramas I’ve taken recently:



The above two are from Rattlesnake Ridge, and the one below was from the Chirico Trail, also known as Poo Poo Point, on Tiger Mountain.


There are some truly amazing places we’re still planning. And I’m sure there are a bunch we’ll just discover as time goes by by accident. Sunday we’re planning 12 miles and 2700′ of gain up Granite Lakes trail. I’m excited even if there’s expected to still be a bit of snow on the ground. It’s been warm the past week so I’m hopeful a lot will be melted.

But we’ll get there regardless. 12 road miles Saturday, a new tattoo, dinner with new friends, and then a hard trail run to a remote lake Sunday. It’s shaping up to be a good weekend.

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