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Not-Quite Twelve Months of Dr. 24Hours.

19 December 2012

Inkeeping with the spirit of the meme, whereby I am supposed to post a link to and the first sentence of each month’s first blog post in 2012, this is my flashback for the year. I’m following on from DrugMonkey

April: My name is Dr24Hours.

May: I was talking with a friend last night about masculinity and – without saying the word – maturity, and how they relate to sobriety.

June: I stayed home today.

July: Last week I was asked to be the speaker at my Sunday morning meeting.

August: It is very difficult for me to see my accomplishments.

September: So, it looks like there are some possibilities on the Canadian-entry front.

October: It’s a good thing that I’ve been applying to new positions for the past month and a half.

November: So, the big news today, as far as I’m concerned, is that I received a decision on a manuscript.

December: My grant is almost done.

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