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A Happy Faux-Academic.

21 November 2014

So, three great pieces of news this week, relating to my pretend academic pursuits. First, I got stellar reviews back for another paper, including one reviewer who recommended that the paper be published “as is” with no revision. I have never had so fine a review. Reviewer three, as usual, was jacked up on imitation mescaline, but I think I was able to fend off the criticisms and respond where there was a thread of valuable criticism in a weft of garbage. I feel confident that it will be accepted post-revision. This is at a fine journal that’s read by a lot of cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiac anesthesiologists. I’ll be very proud to publish there, even my own silly little simulation work.

The second piece of wonderful news was that one of my interns from my grant last year got into medical school. She worked hard despite adversity (illness and college and another job), never complained, and did a fine job. I wrote her a letter of recommendation, and she was co-first author (with the other intern) of the paper that resulted from the project. She stopped by my desk yesterday to tell me that she’d been accepted and that she believes it was in no small part due to the letter and the paper. Whether that’s true or not, it is very gratifying to me to help a young person succeed. I’m pleased she’ll be moving on and feel hopeful that she’ll make a strong contribution to society as a medical doctor.

And finally, yesterday as well, it looks like VFU is going to offer me an Adjunct Professor position in their department of critical care and anesthesia. I told this to an MD in my division, who said, “You’ve done so much great work and publishing around pediatrics, why don’t we get you one there?” So between one and the other, I ought to be able to put a very nice title on my CV, get a small additional honorarium from time to time for my research, and get to participate in faculty activities at MECMC and VFU. All of which makes me a very happy pretend academic.

It’s a good week in Dr. 24hoursville. My sister’s plane lands in 90 minutes, BB gets here in a few hours, and Sunday, I’m gonna Run. Like. Hell. I’m excited to do another half marathon and thrilled to be supported by people who love me and whom I love. Life looks pretty damned good today. Remind me of that next time I’m complaining.

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  1. Marie permalink
    24 November 2014 18:10

    It makes me happy to hear the good news! I really enjoy your writing on the blogs, even if I don’t usually comment, so congrats & enjoy the good.

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