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Run Run Run Run.

24 November 2014

I ran the Philadelphia half marathon yesterday with BB, and we set our new personal record.  A little less than two hours and fifteen minutes. Not shabby for 13.1 miles, on a course which had a couple of pretty decent hills. And for having a strain in my lower abs or groin (not sure which, and fervently hoping it’s not a hernia). It was fine for the majority of the race – letting me know it was there but not painful. But it informed me in no uncertain terms afterwards that I should only have gone 11 miles or so. Oh well. It still doesn’t hurt. It’s just… there, and makes certain lunge-like movements difficult.

So I’m shutting down the running for at least a week or two and we’ll see how things progress. Two days of work and then a much needed five day vacation to Bermuda. Ahhhh….

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