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Thinking of a Sabbatical.

10 February 2016

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak in Valencia on the paper I wrote about bias in peer review. I can’t go, which is sad, but today the group invited me to speak in Rome in September and I will move earth to go to that one. Even if it means I have to miss a half-marathon I was planning on running. But I don’t think it will.

I’ve planted the idea in my boss’s and VP’s head that I would like to do a short sabbatical. Not soon, really, and I’d have to find a grant to cover some salary to do it. But the same group that’s now invited me to speak in Europe twice is willing to consider hosting me – as well as helping to find funds to host me – at a university in southern Europe.

Hopefully, I’d be able to take a season, like 3-4 months, to live there and work on a simulation project and advance some of my ideas about how to model and improve the dissemination of science. Maybe write a couple of papers or book chapters. Maybe even work on my symphony again. It remains languishing at 2.5 movements, unconsidered for four years.

I don’t know if it’s even possible. My boss was enthusiastic but cautious about the idea. My VP said he’s supportive of such things if my regular work can be managed so that I wouldn’t be too badly missed during the time. I’ll find a way, I hope, to make it happen. Doesn’t a few months doing a little meta-scientific navel-gazing sound wonderful?

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  1. Aimee permalink
    10 February 2016 11:33

    YES it does! make it so!

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