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11 February 2016

I’ve caught my chin on stones from foolish steps,
and bled and been ashamed of clumsy feet.
I’ve challenged daunting chasms, run and lept,
and fallen when the rift outclassed my reach.

A thousand thousand times I’ve knelt defeated.
I’ve lost and blundered every chance I’ve earned.
But from all my stupidities repeated,
I pray you’ll let me tell what I have learned:

Endured defeat is victory’s other guise.
And all the ways I’ve lost have led me here.
Though broken, bloodied – Love, for you I rise,
Though lost, the road we travel next is clear.

Alone I fall and fail and bleed and weep,
For you, I dream and rise and stand and leap.

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  1. Uncle permalink
    11 February 2016 12:57

    I enjoyed your poem.

  2. Aimee permalink
    11 February 2016 14:20

    Thank you, this was very moving

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