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Updates on Homes and Things.

14 October 2016

It looks like a different title company is going to be willing to offer the title insurance, and that’s good. As long as I have a reputable title company willing to do it, the contract is in force, and we’re going to be able to move forward almost certainly. So that’s a relief. The other title company, recommended by my agent, doesn’t care about the statement from the person I used to owe money to, more than six years ago. Which is, in my opinion, as it should be.

I went to the dentist and I have no cavities! Very happy. I have had some toothachy sensations which they say are likely caused by calculus below the gumline. I’ll have to have an anesthetic-supported cleaning to remove it, which means two trips because they only do one side of the mouth at a time. Luckily it’s 100% covered by my insurance and I’ll be able to get it done and then not worry about the dentist again for several years.

The dentist also told me I needed a night time mouth guard and I said no. He said I’m playing with fire. I wish I’d said, “Flame on.” But I’m doing good, I didn’t need any root canals or fillings or caps or bridges or anything. That’s a massive relief. Being pre-diabetic and also an alcoholic, and a former smoker, all can cause terrible dental damage. Add to that a history of poor dental health in my family, and I should do better than I do.

This week has had a couple of good runs in it. Two ten milers. Yesterday afternoon I did my 10 miles at about a 10 minute pace. Monday it was at a 9 minute pace. So if Monday was a hard tempo, Thursday was a mezzo-tempo. Both faster than my goal race-pace of somewhere around 10:45-11:00. An 11 minute average is a 4:48 marathon. I’d be happy with that. I’ll be happy with finishing but I’m hopeful that I’ll go faster than the last one. We’ll see.

I have a number of minor nagging injuries: sore quad, sore hamstring, balky knee, and a new one. The outside of my left foot is aching and tender. Not swollen though. I think it’s just pain. Pain is not real. I can manage pain. You don’t run marathons and not endure pain. It’s part of the deal when you sign up. The pain is what makes it an accomplishment. If there wasn’t any hard work, if there wasn’t any pain, then crossing the finish line wouldn’t mean anything.

So things are moving forward and I’m getting everything set up. It’s going to be ok. I think.

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  1. Aimee permalink
    14 October 2016 12:47

    I sleep a thousand times better with a night guard. You don’t need to $800 one from the dentist – a $25 DIY lit from the pharmacy works great. It’s worth a try, to see if you like it

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