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What it Takes to Learn.

18 October 2016

This weekend was a promising step forward. We had our first 20 mile run of the training season (of two – three if you count race day). This one was exactly 20 miles, and it went off without a hitch. I figured out my fueling (powerbars, almond butter and maple syrup, extra salt, and gels for late in the run), and have a plan for race day. The 20 miles took us 3:45, plus a couple of bathroom stops. So we were right exactly at about race pace last year. And the key was that it really felt great. I can’t believe I’m saying that. A 20 mile run that felt great.

But we may not be faster this year. We may slog along and miss five hours and not set a personal record. I don’t know. I’d love to beat last year’s time, but if I don’t, I don’t. But it is interesting how I really only learn things deeply by failing at them. It took last week’s 18 miler and hitting a wall to pay attention to my fueling seriously this week. And then yesterday, I completely bonked on a 5 mile run because I was dehydrated. 42,175 steps froward, 6,435 steps back, I guess.

Today I need to do about 8-9 miles, and it’s going to be warm and unpleasant. At least not humid. But I will be well hydrated and fed, and bring fuel and water. My two ten mile runs last week were quite satisfying, but the weather has turned back warm. I’m sick of it. I hate heat. Which sucks because it’s only getting hotter for the rest of my life.

The house situation looks good. Everything is going to be in place for the sale to go through on the 27th. The title company is switched, the required work is being done, and the stars are aligning toward the sale being completed. I have a great real estate agent in St. Louis, if anyone needs one.

Up next is a discussion with a health policy expert about potentially collaborating and doing some more interesting work for MECMC by leveraging my computer skills for public health work. I’d like to expand my sphere, and do some things that influence policy and strategy, not just day-to-day operations. And I’d like less management on my plate and more intellectual contributions. I really do need to have a deep conversation with my boss about my plans moving forward in my career. But that’s another post.

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