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The Words to Use are “Primary Challenge.”

26 January 2017

Everyone who understands the fascist threat of the new administration needs to be calling their elected representatives. It’s important to call if you have GOP legislators, because they need to hear people in their districts opposed to the White House. They won’t stand against the executive branch unless there’s personal incentive to do so. But I hear many people saying, “I have Democrat representation. They already are opposed. There’s no point in me calling.” Yes there is.

Democrats suck at fighting. At least, the current crop in congress does. We need to either make them fight, or replace them with people who will. Democrats seem to think that good politics requires them to “find common ground.” They think they need to negotiate and partner and maintain access and credibility. The GOP exploited that and continues to.

So, if you live in areas with Democrats representing you, call them. Tell them to be public, obstructive. Tell them to filibuster. Tell them to raise hell, and stop negotiating with the GOP and the would-be tyrants in the administration. And tell them – use these words – that if they are not willing to fight as hard as they can, they can expect a primary challenge from someone who will.

If the ridiculous, doomed candidacy of Bernie Sanders taught us anything it’s that the left in America is tired of fucking wimps representing them. We want fighters. We didn’t know we’d need them so soon. But we do. We need to take back congress in 2018, for the sake of freedom in the world. For the sake of human rights. For the sake of democracy and for our republic.

Trump is a unique danger to the Constitution, to the United States, and supporting him now, knowing what he has said he will do, in tantamount to treason. It is openly abrogating the US Constitution and both the words and spirit of the founders. To any democratic legislators – at any level – listening: you will fight or we will find legislators who will.

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  1. 26 January 2017 10:56

    Thanks for this.

    I absolutely cannot believe this is happening. When he was first elected, I thought our “leadership” would stop him from destroying our country and our freedoms. I was wrong.

    Lindsay Graham and John McCain seem to be the only people who will stand up to him. I am terrified.

    What is wrong with these people?

    And the so-called Women’s Marches – wonderful, unless you happen to be a pro-life feminist. I cannot participate in something that puts so much emphasis on “reproductive rights.”

    I have never felt like such a misfit.

    A woman I sponsored for 15 years won’t speak to me anymore because I didn’t vote for that orange clown. My heart is broken.

    Sorry…. Thanks for posting what you did.

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