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Attempts at Normalcy.

30 January 2017

This weekend I ran. Eleven miles, just under two hours. It got tougher toward the end, as it was a long out and back that is downhill all the way out, and so uphill all the way back. I’ve run 86 miles in January, and have about 4 more tonight to finish off the month. February will be longer, with the lengthening out of the long runs for April’s marathon. I’m going to try hard to average about 100 miles a month this year, in order to stay fit through the summer and be heat-trained for the long triathlon.

I took the X-wing out for a ride for the first time in a long time as well, and felt good. My pace during the triathlon last summer was about 18 mph, and I’m feeling 14.5 as pretty tough right now. I need to do 15-16 minimum in order to make the time-limit at the half-Ironman in September, so I’ve got a long way to go there.

Politics has me low. Fearful for the country and our way of life. We’ll simply have to see what happens in the future. Practicing the program: accepting the things I cannot change. But changing the things I can. Through protest, donations, etc.. The ACLU had a good weekend. There are many places to send money that defend liberty from tyrants. Do that if you can.

But personally, ignoring the tectonic schisms in the geopolitical world, things are good. I’ve been excited by work, satisfied and happy in my relationship, and pleased with my health and fitness. My sobriety is on solid ground. Life goes on and fatigue in the face of atrocity is real. It’s ok to recharge and come back stronger. I still have hope for the country. We will have to see what happens.

Take care of yourselves. I’m weary from all this. But I’m standing. I will probably be writing less simply because I can’t focus on everything at once. But I am well.

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  1. Anne permalink
    31 January 2017 19:21

    As a runner, a Humanist and the Mother of an addict that lost his battle, I am always impressed with your writing and sometimes copy things down for further reflection. Thanks for sharing.

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