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Thank Goodness for Small Favors.

2 March 2017

Two good things in 24 hours. A round of heavy rain in ECC did not result in water in my basement. the new house going in next door now has its rain leader installed, and so water is flowing to the sewer and not to my foundation. Resultingly, my basement was dry even after several hours of a good soaking rain. We’ll find out how today goes in another few hours as a line of thunderstorms is set to slam the city from the west. Hopefully it’ll be dry again.

The other was that BB left her laptop on the train a few days ago, and they actually found it and are going to return it to her. Unbelievable. I figured there was no chance in hell it would ever be seen again. But that saves her the trouble and expense of getting a new machine. It’s a macbook and those aren’t cheap. And setting up a new laptop is always an exercise in frustration and drudgery. Avoiding an unnecessary journey into those hazy dusklands is definitely a good thing.

Tonight I have my men’s meeting, which I badly need. And tomorrow I am going to a hockey game with my sponsor, which I also badly need. I neither care about nor understand hockey, but a night out at the hockey game with my sponsor is always a good night. Men watching sports and talking is a good part of life, and I need that from time to time.

So today and tomorrow bring better things for a day and overall I’m pleased with the latest developments regarding my house and my health. I’m not diabetic, I’m reasonably fit, and my basement is likely to stay dry from here on out. Soon enough I’ll sell the house and buy myself a nice little condo in downtown ECC. Or something.

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  1. 2 March 2017 08:21

    Yay! Amazing that she is getting her laptop back. And all the other good things 🙂

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