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Little Bits of Progress.

9 March 2017

I have succeeded in surviving three days without cookies at work, bringing my change in diet to a nice round five and a half days. I did have a piece of banana bread I didn’t need yesterday, but overall I’m doing well. My body is reasonably responsive to shifts in diet, and I’ve lost about three pounds already. I fluctuate a lot, so that shouldn’t be considered a stable number, but it feels better than going the other direction.

I’ve also turned a corner in training with an eye toward the summer triathlons. My Tuesdays used to be a strength workout, and now they’re strength and biking. This week I did 10 miles and then a good 45 minute session with my personal trainer. It’s also getting light enough that I can stop bumming rides from my sponsor to the AA meeting on Wednesdays and start biking. That also means I less frequently go out for gyros after the meeting, which is a good thing and a bad thing.

The time with the men is important to me, and I will keep it up periodically, but I need to be healthy too and a 1500 calorie meal full of fat and carbs is less than productive and I can’t figure out how to eat differently at that restaurant. Which is fine. My sobriety taught me that it’s ok to change people places and things that interfere with the goals I’m setting for myself. I’m not hurting anyone by being more responsible about my food.

I did four miles at half-marathon PR pace yesterday, and it was hard. My glutes and quads are all sore from the bike and the strength, and pushing hard for 36 minutes was a definite challenge. Especially after losing some fitness last week skipping workouts. Today I have a one hour run, with a 15 minute “pickup” in the middle. I figure I should be able to get about 6.5 miles in.

I’m doing ok for the year on mileage. I’m up to almost 190 miles on the year, and I’ve had some good runs. I’m looking forward to the Love Run in Philadelphia in a couple weeks. I think I’ll be fit enough that the run feels good. That’s all I really hope for.

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  1. 9 March 2017 13:34

    You lost three pounds in theee says by skipping the cookies? How many cookies were you eating?

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