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My First Solo Half Marathon.

13 March 2017

Sadly, BB has a minor leg injury that is going to keep her out of our half-marathon in a couple of weeks. Even if it clears up, she won’t have tome to get fit for it. And 13 miles when you’re not fit for it hurts like a motherfucker, and isn’t worth doing just to do. So I’ll be running this race alone. I’ve been keeping my fitness up, and obviously had some good runs this winter, but I don’t think I’m in PR shape.

My last few short runs my HR was up, most likely indicating dehydration. My fitness is pretty good, I think. If the weather cooperates I suspect I’ll be able to run a decent time. We’ll just have to see. I need to pace well and run well and get lucky and all of those things if I’m going to expect to have a fast race. But as usual, fast isn’t going to be my big goal.

I just want to be able to finish, be healthy, and be proud of myself for accomplishing a goal again. Running for two hours is hard. Running at a push-pace for two hours is really hard. It doesn’t matter if I run 1:58 or 2:05, if I’m anywhere in that range, I’ll have had a good hard race. And if I’m not, well, then I know something else about myself too.

Tonight I have a 13 mile training run, which is a long damned run for after work. I’m expecting it to take me a good two and a half hours. Which should get me done before the snow starts. The next several days are going to be UGLY here in East Coast City: Monday night into Tuesday should see a driving snowstorm coat my city with anywhere from six to eighteen inches of snow.

Hopefully it’ll be cleared enough for my little runs Wednesday and Thursday.

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