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Summer Fitness Goals.

2 June 2017

OK. I’m definitely a little out of shape after my long vacation. We did get in two runs while we were away, in Lake Bled and in Vicenza. But only a total of about 8.4 miles. But we walked (often with heavy packs) for some 100-120 miles in 11 days. That definitely keeps up the basic fitness, but it doesn’t keep my cardiovascular capacity up. So my first run home, on Wednesday, was difficult. I only did 4 miles and it was hot and my HR spiked all the way to 190 despite a slow pace.

Yesterday I did a 35.2 mile bike ride after work. It was slower than my last two long rides at only 14.4 miles per hour, but give the heat and wind I was ok with that. I was tired when I started and 35 miles is a long way no matter how you feel. My watch thinks it was a 2500 kcal ride. I kind of doubt that, but I was definitely famished when it was over. I’m having trouble imagining running after a ride like that. Getting fit for the half-Ironman is going to be more difficult than I imagined.

But I now have four race goals for the summer. Next weekend (June 11) I’m running a half-marathon. It’s a fun run in a local large municipal park and I have no intention of doing anything other than slow-jogging it. BB and I signed up on a whim and we’re going to just show up and have fun with it. Hopefully another medal to hang on the wall.

Two weeks after that I have my Olympic Triathlon. That’s a 1500m swim (0.93 miles), a 40km bike ride (24.9 miles) and a 10km run (6.2 miles). Depending on the weather, it’ll be a challenge. I did one of near identical length last summer (the bike was 19 miles for that one). I’m probably in shape for this one, but I’m not sure that I can do the run right now, without taking a walk break, after the swim and ride. We’ll see. I’m going to work hard on my running for the next three weeks and see what happens.

The next race after that is a 10km race in August. It’s always hot, humid, and miserable. But it’s a great local race that supports my local running store and so I’m excited to do it. I just really need to get my runs in so that I’m fit. I haven’t been running nearly enough. Getting enough biking in really stomps on my runs. And while biking is great exercise, it doesn’t keep me in running shape.

Finally, Sept 18th is my half-Ironman. As I train up for it I am realizing just what a monumental undertaking it is. The swim is no biggie. But the ride is, and so is the run. 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles on the bike, and 13.1 miles to run. I have so much work to do. I’m daunted and unsure I can make it. But I will try. I will try.

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  1. 3 June 2017 07:35

    Wow. That is an impressive schedule! Can’t wait to hear about it all.

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