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6 June 2017

As is often the way it works, I am sick when I don’t want to be. It’s not bad. I am coughing up bright green/yellow goo. Last night I slept about 9 hours but I don’t feel rested. Because I’m a 40-something man, I’m up every few hours to pee. That makes me less than optimally rested most of the time. I didn’t work out and took a very long hot bath. Today I’m dehydrated.

But I came to work because I needed to come to work. I have pressing items on my to-do list and if I don’t get them done there are going to start to be whispers. So here I am running simulations at ten to eight with a bit of a cold sweat on my brow and a headache. I know I’m supposed to stay home until I’m not sick anymore, but no one really has that option.

Tonight I have to do a brick: hour ride and 40 minute run. Which means I need to get a lot of water on board this morning, or I’ll be really screwed for the run part. Hopefully I can muscle my way through and not suffer too much. We have a half marathon Sunday and I want to finish it and get a nice medal.

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  1. 6 June 2017 08:24

    What? You cannot do a brick if you are sick! You should not be at work either. Sorry, my maternal side just kicked in.

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