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Inauspicious Beginnings.

2 January 2018

Well, the new year began with a creepy thud over here in Dr24-land. As BB and I slept, New Year’s Eve, my home was invaded. They didn’t take much. My street bike (not the X-wing, which was in the basement), and my wallet being the most important things. An iPod. My cigar box full of coins from my travels. a small backpack. And my platinum tie-pin my mother designed for me as a gift upon receiving my master’s degree.

All told, not counting or knowing how much the tie-pin cost, probably about a thousand dollars worth of stuff. But considering we were home and asleep at the time, and weren’t suddenly roused from slumber to combat, I’m quite relieved with the result. I’m sad that my 9-year coin was in my wallet.  I have a perfect collection and now it’s broken. I’ll get a new coin at my meeting. But it’s not the same.

Last night I was a touch nervous going to sleep, but BB was back home in DC and so I was less worried than I might have been. But I suppose the year only trends up from here. My feelings are interesting. I’m less anxious about the break in that I have been about the leaks. But all in all I am doing ok. The cops were efficient and friendly. But mostly, I’m ready to get moving and explore my new life out west.

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  1. 2 January 2018 08:23

    The tie-pin of a Mobius strip with diamonds on only one side?


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