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4 January 2018

OK. I got a full-price offer on my house the second day it was on the market. As soon as I knew they’d seen the disclosures – in which I included a plain-language description of the leaks I’ve had – I signed it. Given how fast it was and the terms they offered, full price, no seller assist, I probably priced it too low. I don’t care. My goal is to get it sold and move on with my life. And, if it goes the way this contract is written, I’ll make about 8% after both sets of closing costs are included.

Everything is working out cleanly. The move is going to be managed. The house is going to sell. The cross-country drive is going to be fun. The new jobs are going to be good. The new home is going to be wonderful. I am thrilled beyond joy that all this is happening. life is good. Love is grand. Hope is everywhere.

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  1. 4 January 2018 12:01

    Happiness! It’s so wonderful! Wonderful to be able in a small way, to share in it, if only by being a fly on the wall (blog reader).

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