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What a Weekend.

15 January 2018

The past week has been a maelstrom of chaos and the next two will be too. I finished my job and set everything up for my replacement. BB and I flew to Seattle and spent Saturday looking at houses. Every hour on the hour for like 10 hours. It wasn’t until our last stop of the day that we found the perfect place. A detached home in a small residential neighborhood north of the city but south of Greenlake. It’s going to be wonderful.

The house has all the things we really wanted: plenty of open space, a jacuzzi tub, air conditioning. The only negative is no dedicated parking. But I’ve been doing street parking in Philly for so long that I feel ok about doing street parking in Seattle. And the neighborhood we’re in is strict about resident-only parking after 5pm. So I’m hopeful. If it turns out to be a major problem, we’ll get monthly parking in a lot.



I think it’s beautiful. Walk in closets, finished daylight basement, 2.5 baths. All the vitamins and minerals a growing boy needs. I’m definitely happy, and BB loves it even more than I do. One big selling point for her was the open plan kitchen that blends into a dining/sitting space that comprises the whole main floor.

It’s crazy expensive, but the landlord told us he would’t raise rent for several years in order to keep us there. We are apparently highly desirable tenants. A couple, no kids, good jobs, good credit, etc.. They are eager to have some stability in a rapidly shifting Seattle rental market where picking your tenants is much more difficult.

I think we’re going to like it there. And we’re like 40 feet from a massively awesome farm-to-table fine dining restaurant. Heaven.

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  1. 15 January 2018 14:45

    I love it!!!!

  2. Aimee permalink
    15 January 2018 16:36

    It’s super cute. I think you will enjoy that neighborhood.

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