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16 February 2013

I’ll write tomorrow. Tonight I’m just grateful.

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  1. Aimee permalink
    16 February 2013 01:03

    Congrats, bro. That’s big. I still remember that I quit smoking on 12/6/06. That means I recently completed …. Um… Seven years.

  2. Penelope permalink
    16 February 2013 03:21

    But what’s MORE amazing about this day isn’t that you’ve proved you can live without booze for 5 years, it’s the fact that I have proved that I can live with my husband for 11 years. I can’t believe you stole my anniversary AND turned my birthday into a pirate holiday.

    • Penelope permalink
      16 February 2013 03:23

      Oh yeah, AND somehow made me have my firstborn child on you birthday?!

      • Penelope permalink
        16 February 2013 03:24

        You’re just getting be back for stealing your birthday, huh? Now it’s all coming together….

  3. 16 February 2013 07:31


    • Kim permalink
      16 February 2013 10:37

      You’re 5!! Happy birthday! =]

  4. Syd permalink
    16 February 2013 20:46

    Good for you.

  5. 17 February 2013 19:42

    Congratulations! You’re awesome!

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